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Bravo Restoration & Construction serves Sonoma County, Marin County and Napa County
David G., Sebastopol, CA
"Bravo for Bravo! I had water intrusion around the windows of my house and my insurance company sent Bravo Restoration to deal with the water damage and some subsequent mold. The Bravo staff both looked and acted professional. The field and office staff were courteous and helpful. I absolutely recommend them with no hesitation whatsoever."
Luis M., San Pablo, CA
“When I called, they answered right away — many places don't or don't call back. They treated me well and the team came in right away and took my problems off my shoulder. I was stressing out, and they totally made my day. You guys were awesome. The service was outstanding.”
Carmen F., Rohnert Park, CA
“There was a leak under my carpet and I discovered black mold under the baseboards.  I called Bravo and they came out, pulled up the carpets, handled the black mold, replaced the drywall, and replaced the carpet with flooring.  Everything looks nice and new I feel they handled the job in a timely manner and everything looks good.”

Bravo Restoration & Construction brings together specialists from mold removal to water damage restoration Sonoma County, Marin County and Napa County

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Nicole Humber of Bravo Company Restoration Corp Earns Accredited ACAC Certification

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