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Dealing with your workmen was a pleasure. They were always polite, hard working, and I felt very confident with them in the house (sometimes when I wasn’t home). You have a fine staff.

—Lois Bell, Santa Rosa

After more than 20 years of doing business locally we’ve found that nobody wants a lingering scent, a soft floorboard or an unsightly stain as a reminder of a personal tragedy large or small. Our business is to make these things right because we know even a small blemish can bring back bad memories in an instant.

Bravo Restoration is deeply rooted in Santa Rosa and the other North Bay communities where we work, live and play. When you talk with people who have worked with us you’ll find out that our claims of skill, attention to detail, and being good to work with are not hype. We care for our customers, and it shows.

The mechanics of restoring damaged property after a flood or fire is a more refined art than starting a new construction project using pristine materials. Transforming a damaged building to make it structurally sound is step one. Making it look, feel and smell like nothing ever happened is the hallmark of a great restoration company.

Industry experts know this. That is why Bravo Construction gets so many referrals from construction companies, plumbers, insurance agents, adjusters, real estate agents, property managers and of course our customers. 80% of our new business comes from referrals.

If you are on this site chances are good you’ve experienced some sort of disaster and are looking for help. At Bravo Restoration we can provide immediate assistance. Our expert staff can help you over the phone to:

1) Help make sure you limit property damage — safely

2) Walk you through the steps you’ll need to take to restore your building

3) Dispatch one of our trucks immediately or schedule a time to visit you in person

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