Mold Damage

Mold Damage and Remediation Service in Santa Rosa

First of all, if you are unsure whether or not you have mold because you can smell it but you don’t see it, please give us a call immediately so that we can recommend 3 or 4 indoor air quality specialists who can take the sampling and determine if in fact you have mold. We do not do testing simply because we see it as a conflict of interest.

All right. So now that you are sure you have mold because you either see it or have a report from an indoor air quality specialist that says you do. Call Bravo and we will schedule one of our certified mold estimators to asses the damage and give you a quote for removal.

When doing mold removal, take note that it is a very extensive process. That’s why you need the best mold damage service in Santa Rosa. As some people may not know, there are mold spores all around us. Right now where you are sitting and reading this you are breathing in mold spores — crazy, right? Well, don’t be alarmed because that is completely normal, and the only time mold becomes something of a problem is when water damage goes untreated. Mold spores LOVE eating wet porous materials — give it a dark room and it’s in heaven. Until you remove the moisture and fix the source from that area, the mold will grow and grow until you have a serious problem. But have no fear — team Bravo is here!


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Steps to Remove Mold

Step 1 — The first step in mold removal is containing the affected area. We build an air-tight containment so that when we do the demo we are not spreading the mold throughout the entire property. Within the containment we are protecting items that weren’t able to be removed from the containment. We have a negative air scrubber in there sucking in all the moldy air and pushing out clean air. Yes, this scrubber needs to be kept on at all times and, no, you may not enter the containment for any reason at all. Our trained professionals are wearing suits and respirators to protect themselves as well. Their job is to remove every single last spore from that containment (remember when I said there are mold spores everywhere), so you can imagine how daunting this task can be.

Step 2 — Once we are confident that we have diligently removed all the mold spores in that containment, we then recommend an indoor air quality specialist to come in and verify we did what we said we would do. They will take air samples and surface samples to verify all mold spores have been removed efficiently.

Step 3 — When we receive the clearance, we will need to come back one last time to remove the containment and equipment that we set. We will than ask you to sign a completion survey where you will get an opportunity to let us know how amazingly we did. If you are like many of our customers and are beyond satisfied with the work and the Bravo Team, please don’t stop at the survey form; share your story on the World Wide Web. We welcome these reviews on YelpFacebook, or Google +. Also if you love what we did, please share our work on Instagram.

True Mold Removal and Remediation Experts

Many people think that once the staining is gone the mold is gone. This is not true. Often times people use cleaners or chemicals that appear to remove mold when in fact they are leaving behind millions of airborne spores that can adversely affect the health and well-being of your family and friends.

At Bravo Restoration & Construction we are your go-to mold removal service in Santa Rosa and  follow industry-established cleaning procedures, along with our own specific guidelines, in order to properly remove, clean, and fully address the mold issues in your home or business. All of our work can be post-tested by a third-party clearance company thereby assuring that your job is complete.

Certified Mold Experts

Bravo Restoration is certified for mold inspection and removal by MICRO, the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization.

Professional Mold Certifications

A Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) is a specialist who has been professionally trained to assess both the presence of microbial contamination, and the source of any underlying moisture intrusion.

A Certified Mold Remediation Contractor (CMRC) is a specialist who has exhibited a proficiency of knowledge required to perform professional mold remediation, including principles of mold remediation, qualifications, and procedures; contents remediation; structural remediation; and HVAC remediation.


If you think you might have mold in your home or office, the sooner you reach out to Santa Rosa’s mold removal service to handle the problem the easier it will be to remove and remediate. By acting fast we may be able to significantly mitigate repairs; so its important not to delay in getting professional help join our satisfied customers.

Contact Bravo Restoration & Construction, or give us a call at (707) 837-0675 to speak with one of our expert staff any time, day or night. After regular business hours you will be prompted to call our emergency hotline.

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