Knowledgeable, experienced & certified techs, supervisors, & managers

Bravo Restoration & Construction provides residential and commercial full-service emergency response and property damage restoration services.

State-of-the-art equipment Emergency board-up/roof cover-up Emergency inventory & pack-out services 24/7 Content deodorization and drying chambers
Structural deodorization & thermal fogging Emergency vehicle decontamination HVAC cleaning Charcoal filtered air filtration
Structural & contents cleaning Photo & document drying/deodorizing 5,000 sq ft contents processing & storage facility 10,000 sq ft contents processing & storage facility
Digital photo inventory Debris removal using hydraulic-lift dump trailers Desiccant drying agents and equipment * Mold remediation equipment (air scrubbers, negative air machines, zip
walls, non-invasive tape, etc.)
Mold contaminated contents cleaning (downdraft table, hepa vacuuming & wet wiping procedures) Structural mold remediation & cleaning
Source containment
Licensed general contractors Concrete
Framing HVAC Electrical Plumbing
Roofing Windows Siding & stucco Insulation
Drywall & texture (perfect tie-in & texture matching capabilities) Finish carpentry Painting Cabinets
Flooring (carpet, tile, vinyl, wood, etc.) Decking Fencing Designing

* Dessicant drying agents & Equipment – (LGR dehumidifiers, heatedIducted fired heaters (for homes with no heat); wood floor drying kits with optional add-on heaters; injector-type drying fans; wall-ducted drying fans; axial fans; high-powered axial crawlspace fans; turbo dryers, air scrubbers, generators, thermal imaging cameras, penetrating & non-penetrating moisture meters; thermal hygrometers and anti-microbials

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