water damage cleanup san rafael

Where Does Water Damage Come From?

The most frequent reason for homeowners filing insurance claims is water damage. This is because water damage is so common in any home, as many items in our homes function off of a water source. Leaky and burst pipes, overflowing toilets, tubs, and sicks, or appliance malfunctions are among the many causes of water damage. […]

water damage cleanup san rafael

Four Things You Wish You Knew Ahead Of Time About Water Damage

Water damage constantly poses a major threat to your home. It doesn’t take much for water to find its way into your home and begin wreaking havoc. While the resultant damage is not too serious in some cases, in many other cases the damage can be extremely severe. Regarding these serious consequences, here are four […]

water damage cleanup san rafael

5 Of The Most Common Water Damage Scenarios And What You Can Do To Fix Them

Sometimes you can do everything right and still end up with water in your house or apartment. But why does this happen? What can happen? What can you do about it? Let’s walk through 5 common and likely scenarios so that you know what to look for. Water damage can happen to anyone. It doesn’t […]

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Do You Need Water Damage Cleanup Help For A Washing Machine Overflow?

Whether day or night, weekdays or weekends, the average American family throws in 8 to 10 loads of laundry per week. ​​A typical washing machine uses at least 30 gallons of water.– about the amount to fill a standard bathtub. With numbers like that, your chances of having a serious flood in your laundry room […]

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Handle Water Damage Cleanup Like A Professional

Water damage can occur in many ways. Sometimes, it is a little leak that, over time, turns into a big mess of mold and mildew that has built up. Other times, it is a little more sudden- having a pipe burst, or having a major flood in your hometown. While these situations do not always […]

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Preventing Costly Water Damage Cleanup In Your Home

How to prevent costly water damage to your Santa Rafael home When I think of summertime, I think of running through the sprinklers with my family, drinking cold lemonade, and showering after a long day in the sun. Like all of you, the last thing that comes to my mind is flooding or water damage […]

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Understanding The Categories Of Water To Avoid Damage Cleanup

When your home in San Rafael experiences any type of water damage, the situation is always devastating and overwhelming. Whether the water is from a sewer backup, malfunctioning appliance, or leaking pipes, each type of water damage is different. Based on the category of the water present, different steps need to be taken to have […]

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Water Damage Cleanup: Pipes Edition

Water damage disasters can be completely overwhelming to cleanup and difficult to recover from! Thankfully, there are teams of water damage cleanup professionals in the San Rafael area (like those at Bravo Restoration) ready to assist with any water damage restoration needs. Let us take a look at a huge contributor to water damage disasters: […]

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Why Should I Begin The Water Damage Cleanup Process Immediately?

Beginning the water damage cleanup process as soon as possible after a water damage incident is the key to mitigating water damage after a flood in your San Rafael home. Hesitating to begin the restoration process after a flood can have devastating consequences for your home and your wallet. From our water damage cleanup professionals […]

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Do You Have A Fire Damage Escape And Cleanup Plan?

San Rafael’s homes are scattered among large green open spaces, small forests and lush grasslands, making them more vulnerable to wildfires. In normal years, accidents or carelessness with sources of sparks like cigarettes, fireworks and backyard fires can cause rapidly expanding wildfires that can threaten homes and lives. This year, the potential is even greater […]