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What Is Black Mold?

Water damage alone can be devastating, but other problems come along with it. Mold is one of the worst symptoms of water damage, as it attaches itself to any place with moisture. It can grow in areas out of your sight and continue to grow, causing unseen and continual issues. Unfortunately, if it is not […]

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The Risk Of DIY Flood Damage Restoration In Santa Rosa

Flood damage can strike anyone at any moment and often without warning. Any kind of water damage is a significant problem, whether it is due to a pipe burst, a flood, or an overflowing toilet. If a water mess occurs in your house, it may be tempting to take out your bucket and a mop […]

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Four Essential Flood Safety Tips

Floods can be extremely dangerous. Along with the danger the water alone poses, other hazards like contaminants in the water and electrocution make flooding even more dangerous.  Water Damage Restoration Santa Rosa At Bravo Restoration, our number one priority is ensuring our client’s safety before and after a flood. Here are four essential tips on […]

water damage restoration santa rosa

Common Water Damage Restoration Misconceptions

The internet is filled with tips on how to do it yourself and restore water damage. The issue is that not all of the information you obtain online is reliable or even accurate. Water damage catches everyone off guard and frequently occurs when you least anticipate it, so, naturally, we turn to online sources to […]

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Understanding Types Of Water Damage

When you are experiencing water damage, it is imperative to act quickly to minimize the amount of damage that is inflicted on your home. However, not all water damages are equal. Some types need to be taken on with more caution than others. Understanding the different types of water damage can ensure your safety when […]

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Water Damage Restoration Costs – Tips For Santa Rosa Homeowners

Water damage restoration decisions for Santa Rosa homeowners should focus on what to do after a huge flood in your household, and prioritize your safety and health. Aside from the chaos and damaged belongings, a flooded basement can pose hazards that normally require extra precautions. Bacteria and illnesses from sewage water as well as other […]

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Examining Your Home for Hidden Water Damage

Water leaks can happen for many reasons, and you should ensure you repair them right away to avoid huge foundation damage. The problem is that leakages are very often hidden and usually go unseen until it is too late. The consequences of finding hidden leakages too late might include rotting of wood, mold growth, as […]

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Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes To Avoid

It can be upsetting to see your home flooded. Your first reaction is to save whatever you can, then immediately begin cleaning the house. You will only consider contacting an emergency cleanup company after that. But, calling a qualified and reliable restoration service should be your first response. They will be equipped with the necessary […]

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Water Damage Restoration Based On Damage Levels

When Bravo Restoration handles the water damage restoration for your Santa Rosa home, we understand that no two instances are the same. Each water damage situation must be evaluated based on where the damage occurred, how much water is present, and how long it has been there which determines how much water has been absorbed […]

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The Importance of Timing in Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can happen quickly when water enters your house or business premises. When water damage occurs in your Santa Rosa home, it is vital to get it cleaned up fast before secondary problems start to arise. The longer the water sits unattended, the worse the distraction will be. But, with timely intervention, you can […]