Common Water Damage Restoration Misconceptions

water damage restoration santa rosaThe internet is filled with tips on how to do it yourself and restore water damage. The issue is that not all of the information you obtain online is reliable or even accurate. Water damage catches everyone off guard and frequently occurs when you least anticipate it, so, naturally, we turn to online sources to help us know what to do. There are a lot of very helpful and educational sites out there about water damage restoration, just see our website at Bravo Restoration for example. That being said, a water damage scenario is difficult enough to handle on its own but becomes even worse with all the false information that is also available. 

Water Damage Restoration Santa Rosa

Here are three widespread misconceptions about water damage that you should avoid believing in order to prevent further harm and damage to your Santa Rosa home.

Restoring Water Damage Can Wait

When dealing with water damage restoration and preventing more damage, time is of the essence. In fact, it is so important that we are going to repeat that again – Time is of the essence! Water damage worsens the longer the water is left to sit. There is a very short window of time – less than 24 hours – to answer. Mold can be seen developing within 24 hours after the water damage has occurred, which makes water damage restoration even more complex. The likelihood of salvaging goods in your home is significantly reduced the longer they are exposed to water because the more saturated they get in time. Beginning water damage restoration quickly is the best method to reduce losses, limit potential dangers, and lower the probability of mold growth. For a quick response to your water damage, we suggest contacting a water damage restoration specialist the second you notice the water damage. Many companies have an emergency response line so they can take your call for help 24/7 because they understand that every minute counts when performing water damage restoration. Do not wait to begin water damage restoration. 

The Musty Odor Will Fade With Time

As previously mentioned, mold can start to grow 24 hours after water damage. Mold is known as a form of fungus, hence it has a very potent musty smell. The scent will not just linger in the vicinity of where the damage was, it will ultimately permeate the entire house. Time will not be able to solve this issue; mold is not one of those things that time can heal. In fact, time will only make it worse. Only thorough water damage restoration including water removal, drying, dehumidification, sanitization, and other necessary procedures to eliminate the problem can fix mold and other microbial growth and the odor that goes along with it. 

The Water Damage Must Not Exist If It Is Not Visible

The frightening thing about water damage is that you cannot always see it. In your home, water can be concealed almost anywhere, including behind walls, in carpet, beneath floors, in ceilings, etc. All of these substances are porous, so they will not only absorb water but also conceal it. Even after it seems to be removed and dried, your home may still have concealed dampness that can do significant harm. Water-soaked materials will eventually start to warp, swell, bow, bend, and deteriorate. It does not follow the misconception that there is no moisture or water if you cannot see it. This is why it is crucial to ensure that water is dried completely during restoration. Water damage restoration professionals utilize moisture detection equipment and dehumidifiers to remove moisture locked in materials and even the air to ensure that everything is thoroughly dried, not just appearing that way. 

We hope that this information will help you be more informed and better prepared to respond quickly and correctly when you need water damage restoration. Remember to call Bravo Restoration if you need any more information, have any questions, or need water damage restoration services.