Equipment Used In Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage: Equipment Edition

One of the most important steps in water damage restoration is drying out the damaged area. To ensure that adequate drying is achieved and no moisture is left behind, our team of water damage restoration specialists at Bravo Restoration utilizes and monitors specialized equipment. Our goal is to remove all water and dry your property as quickly as possible, and the best way to do that is through commercial-grade equipment and techniques that get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Here is a list of some of the equipment used to complete water damage restoration and ensure that no moisture is left behind. 

Water Damage Restoration In Santa Rosa

  • Water Pumps: If there is standing water in your home that needs to be removed, water pumps are used to pull out as much water as possible. Operated by a specialist, high-volume water pumps provide immediate water extraction, and eliminate debris, dirt, and mud from building up where the water damage occurred. 
  • Industrial Air Movers: More than just your average box fans, air movers are specifically designed to force air to circulate throughout the area at a faster rate. Along with creating air flow and movement throughout the area that sustained water damage, these machines also prevent moisture from settling on surfaces where it can be absorbed. Depending on the size and scope of your water damage case, multiple industrial air movers may be used to decrease overall drying time. Since drying out can take time, this equipment is often left at the job site so they can continue running until drying is complete. Do not turn off any equipment left behind unless instructed by your technician, as this could hinder drying time and results. 
  • Commercial-grade Dehumidifiers: When the humidity in the area rises, the risk of mold growth rises along with it. Excess moisture provides the perfect environment for mold to grow and spread, and also increases the risk of further damage to walls, floors, and ceilings. Therefore, commercial-grade dehumidifiers are used to pull the excess moisture from the air. Stronger than regular dehumidifiers, these machines ensure the area is completely dried as fast as possible. Technicians will monitor the humidity levels in the damaged area, and will adjust dehumidifier use as needed. These may also be left at the job site to continue removing moisture from the air during the drying process, so be sure to keep them running until otherwise instructed by your technician. 

Using the correct equipment helps to ensure the water damage restoration process is not only as quick as possible, but is also as thorough as possible. Our technicians monitor the equipment and the drying process daily, so it is very important that nothing is turned off, moved, or altered as this could extend the drying process and push back the entire restoration. Once drying is complete, then repairs can be done to return your home and property to pre-loss condition. This equipment, used by trained professionals, will be sure that even water and moisture is hidden below visible surfaces is removed from your Santa Rosa home, and is essential in achieving a successful water damage restoration.