Disaster Restoration FAQs

A: This depends on the nature of the problem. If it is an emergency like a flooded kitchen, we will be on site within 2 hours (Sonoma or Marin counties only).

For estimates on non urgent remediation or repairs we can typically be out within 24-72 hours. Then starting the actual work is dependent on the earliest available start date which will be stated on the signed agreement.

This is dependent on the extent of damage, but emergency services are typically invoiced once the work is completed and we can provide a standard pricing sheet beforehand.

A: This also depends on the extent of the flooding and the materials damaged, but typically 3 – 5 days.

A: After removing visible pooling of water, the process of drying an area involves blowing air over the surface using blowers (fans) to accelerate evaporation and then removing the increase in moisture content (humidity) from the air with dehumidifiers.

A: We would physically inspect damage by entering the crawlspace. We also use specific moisture meters that accurately determine the moisture content in porous materials.

A: This is a labor intensive process involving the scrubbing and sanding of areas affected in a negative pressure contained area (sealed from other areas of the home or building to prevent further spread of mold spores) followed by treatment with EPA approved antimicrobial solutions. In severe situations, materials need to be entirely removed.

A: Yes, most of what we do involves working with insurance adjusters, carriers and agents.

A: BRC’s policy is to commence work once your insurance has been approved. If you are not covered for the damage, then it is a conversation with you about how much out of pocket cost and work is possible.

A: This depends on many factors including the nature of the damage, when it first occurred, your insurance policy and carrier’s position, the availability of the adjuster assessing the claim.

A: Yes, we are a licensed general contractor: #956146

A: We do most repairs inside and outside.

A: Generally small repairs that could be done by a handyman or similar person or some landscaping needs. As a general contractor, we are able to partner with a wide range of specialized trades.

A: We do not – for this we refer to a preferred experienced and licensed professional.