How Fires Can Lead to Water Damage in Your Residence

Though plumbing issues are the most common culprits behind water damage in homes, they are not the only reason. In many cases, water damage in a property is caused due to fire. When most homeowners look for reasons behind water damage, they think about leaking pipes or broken faucets, rarely does anyone consider damage caused due to fire. As unbelievable as it may sound, fire can bring with it several water issues. These problems can be quite extensive in nature, and if left unaddressed, can cause irreversible property damage. At Bravo Restoration, we understand the extent and nature of water damage that fires can cause. We offer superior fire damage restoration services in Santa Rosa. Over the years, we have helped numerous families restore their homes after a fire.

When a fire breaks out, the focus of homeowners and people involved in damage control is to put out the fire. Rarely does anyone think about property damage that water used to douse the fire can cause. There can be various reasons behind flooding after a fire. Often after the fire is controlled, a lot of water that was used to extinguish the fire is left standing. Sometimes, firefighters use more water than necessary. Additionally, the rise in temperature due to fire can cause water pipes to burst, resulting in flooding.

When working on a property restoration project, many fire damage restoration companies focus on nursing the structure of the home back to health, often forgetting that removing water from the property is equally important.

Water that accumulates after a fire is often contaminated with soot and other particles from fire, and can pose a major health hazard to the occupants. Not to forget, molds love damp conditions caused due to water stagnation. Additionally, water can damage furniture, rugs and other items, which is why it is imperative to get rid of it immediately after the fire is brought under control.

An expert fire damage restoration professional not just restores the property after fire but also keeps an eye out for flooding and other issues, fixing them in a timely fashion, and this is what our team at Bravo Restoration does.

We understand how difficult it can be for you to start afresh after a fire. As if damage caused by fire was not enough, you also have to deal with flooding. Bravo Restoration & Construction is committed to stand by your side during your most testing times. If you need fire damage restoration services in Santa Rosa, give us a call at 707-837-0675. To request an estimate, fill out our contact form.