How to Protect your Water-Spoiled Wooden Flooring?

The most significant part of a house is its floor. Wooden floors indeed give an aesthetic beauty to home interiors, but, if ever a good amount of water has come in contact with your flooring, make sure that the prevention is immediately assured. Wood absorbs water quickly through its cellulose fibers but discharges it very slowly. However strong and finished your floor may look, nothing can hold back water from penetrating into it. The infiltration points may be many, like the top layer, between seams, under baseboards, breaks in the coating and other areas. To restore or treat a water damaged floor, you must look for water damage repair in Santa Rosa. So, before the flooring of your house gets completely ruined by water seepage, apply these tips to salvage them.

For Mold and Mildew

If the mold and mildew have not set in, further damage can be prevented by carpeting, and eliminating the dirt. But if the mold and mildew have set in, the wood gets severely affected, and requires replacement. Tools required for this are – brush, trisodium phosphate, bucket, absorbent cloth, rubber gloves, and bleach. First, the water must be removed or sucked out completely, followed by scrubbing the wooden floor with a brush. Then, the floor must be cleaned for dirt, mud, silt and other organic elements. However, professionals help from for water damage in Santa Rosa is always recommended than self-servicing in such critical situations.

Remove Mold under the wood paint

If the mold sets in under the paint, scrub the area with a good abrasive cleaner. Add laundry bleach to the cleaning solution for better cleaning.

Drying Process

Drying the wooden floor must be done slowly, otherwise, doing it at a fast pace will lead to other issues like splitting, cupping, and many others. Remove the accumulated water, and let it dry under the fan.

Sanding the floor

The floor, when dried, may develop cupping – convex or concave floorboards – to which sanding the floor with a drum can be effective. But if the floorboards are heavily cupped, nailing them down is the only option.

Take good care of your flooring by deterring accumulation of water and dirt, and it will remain strong forever. Wood is an organic material that develops many unwanted issues if soaked with water. Find as one of the best local water damage repair in Santa Rosa that can help increase the life of your floorings.