How your Dry Wall and Water Damaged Areas May Turn into Mold Growth Spot

Mold growth is a devastating condition for the structure of the building as well as the health of the residents. The unwanted augmentation of mold on walls is due to damage caused by water. Mold spores need moisture content to sprout, and they can germinate quickly within 48 hours of water leakage. These fungal microorganisms can easily flourish on different surfaces, and the invasion of mold growth on any large area could cause health problems for the inhabitants of that property. So, keeping your home free of mold growth is imperative for a safe and healthy living environment, and mold removal services in Santa Rosa could help to keep this unwanted fungus away from your residential and commercial units.

How does Mold Grow and Flourish?

Molds are living microorganisms that are pervasive everywhere and thrive exponentially in wet conditions. The mold spores sprout best in places that contain humidity and higher moisture content. As a matter of fact, mold spores require three essential things to grow:

  • Moisture
  • Nutrients
  • Time (Mold spores can start to germinate as early as within 24 hours)

So, when mold spores come across any damp surface that is more suitable for fungal growth, they begin to germinate and thrive.

Places That are Most Prone to Mold Growth

Mold spores often germinate in areas where the water vapors hit a cold surface in the air, and condense into a liquid, and it usually takes place on walls, basements, and water damaged areas. Very humid areas like laundry rooms and bathrooms are also prone to rapid mold growth. Molds also grow and spread on water leak patches, and places like under the sinks and cupboards are very prone to it. If any water pipe has leaked, it is very likely for the mold spores to germinate there without being seen, and they could only be removed through the expert mold removal services in Santa Rosa.

Signs of Mold Growth on Walls

Green, orange, white, brown, and black spots are the most obvious signs of unwanted mold growth on the walls and water damaged areas. There are other less apparent signs as well, such as:

  1. Wall discoloration
  2. Cracked or peeling paint
  3. A damp, musty smell
  4. Bulging

Connect with Experts for Quick &Reliable Mold Removal Services

Mold is an opportunistic fungal microorganism that sprouts at all possible places where it can uphold itself with moisture and nutrients. Fortunately, mold growth can be easily controlled with the help of the leading professional mold removal service in Santa Rosa– Bravo Restoration and Construction. Its team of certified technicians and experts can clear away all types of mold damage, quickly and effectively.