Meet the CEO


Born and raised throughout the California East Bay Area, I landed in Sonoma County my freshman year of high school. I started my work life (aside from the mandatory babysitting, kudos to being the oldest) at a Chinese restaurant as their delivery girl, then assumed a variety of positions throughout Santa Rosa in my teenage years. As my life took a variety of twists and turns, I found myself in Sacramento learning a great deal about adulthood at the School of Hard-knocks.

As life would have it, I subsequently landed a job as a receptionist for a local restoration company in 2007. When I started the position, I had an ambition to work in law enforcement, social services or as an attorney (I had a passion for helping others). I instantly fell in love with the restoration industry. Being able to help people through some of their worst times was so exhilarating and fulfilling.

I quickly worked my way up from receptionist to Emergency Services Coordinator to Repairs Coordinator and finally to Emergency Services Manager. I loved the long hours, the fast-paced environment, and the ever-changing tasks. I simply loved my job.

After I had my first son, Austin, the position I returned back to was much different than the one I left. I chose to leave the company and worked at a landscaping company gaining office manager experience and learning what was needed to run the business side of things.

A couple of months later I received a call from a former co-worker who had started his own restoration company. He told me that he couldn’t do it without me and needed my help. I continued working both jobs while going to school full-time; what a busy season! I managed all of this while balancing the demands of being a new mom until the business was growing and ready for my full attention.

Five years, two houses, one more child (Bryce), a few hundred tears and lots of laughter later, I purchased the company in 2016. Since then I have been building an empire based on honesty, integrity, trust and team work. Every day our company grows stronger and more efficient, and every person that works there understands that we are heroes to our clients. Property damages can affect your family, income and life itself. It is our duty to alleviate the headaches that come with it.

I am motivated by the joy of helping people. I believe in people over profits and having compassion for not only your clients but also for your co-workers. It is a simple gesture that can go a long way.


Honesty – To be as true to the company, customer, and yourself to the best of your knowledge. To be honest even when the truth may not be what one wants to hear.

Integrity – To uphold a high standard of values and morals, and integrate doing what is right for the company, customer, and yourself.

Trust – To believe in each individual you work with, to believe in the company you work for, and to believe in giving customers the best service you can.

Teamwork – To make the individual commitment to help support and grow the company and hold oneself accountable to the other team members.


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