Mold Prevention Tips for 2019

The term ‘mold’ is enough to scare a person. It is a perfect decomposition agent, but it can be hazardous when found inside a house. They spread very easily, and you just cannot eradicate them completely. They can be anywhere like on the clothes, carpets, paper, attic, basement, condensing pipes, tiles or even food. They can produce irritants and allergens that can affect your health adversely. So, the major question that lies here is — what can be done to prevent mold from growing indoors? The answer is simple, and that is moisture control!

Here are easy tips to prevent mold in your house:

1. Identify the problematic areas – The first and foremost prevention tip is to identify the major problem areas that allow water retention and moisture locking. Go for areas like ceiling tiles, basement, condensing pipes, any damp carpet, etc. Immediately take steps to solve the issue in order to prevent mold from spreading.

2. Clean and dry water – If you have waterlogged areas inside your house premises, then make sure you flush out the water as soon as possible, and make the wet areas completely dry. Do not let the area remain wet or immersed in water over 48 hours as this will give rise to mold that will spread very fast.

3. Ventilation – Make sure you have a good ventilation system in your home. This will prevent the moisture from accumulating indoors. You can also use dehumidifiers and AC units in order to absorb the excess moisture from the air.

4. Correct slope – Many times due to unfavorable slopes around the house, it results in extra rainwater to accumulate around the house, and even flow inside it. This makes the water seep directly into your basement or the crawlspace. So, make sure the slopes around your house are arranged such that they carry the water away.

5. Repair roof leakages – Mold can be a result of simple roof leakages as well. In case you too have a leaking roof problem, fix it right away. Clean your roof pipes on a regular basis, and flush out all the excess water.

6. Take care of your HVAC systems – One of the common places for mold spreading is the HVAC systems. To avoid this, use a good-quality mold inhibitor in your AC vents and ducts.

Finally, get an idea about the weather conditions in your residential area, and the way it responds to excess moisture. This way you can analyze the spread of mold in your home, and plan accordingly to prevent it. For mold removal in Sonoma County, call Bravo Restoration and Construction on 707-837-0675!