Signs That You May Need Mold Removal Service in Santa Rosa

Mold not only is unsightly, but can deteriorate your home and cause a lingering, musty odor. It can also lead to substantial health problems for those living inside the property. That is why you need to take advantage of a mold removal service in Santa Rosa, should you identify mold in the house.

If you are not sure as to whether mold currently exists, here are signs you may need a mold removal service in Santa Rosa. 

  1. Odd Smell

One of the most telling signs you have mold, outside of directly identifying it, is if you smell a wet, musty smell. This lingering odor that doesn’t go away when you clean your house may in fact be mold.

  1. Collecting Moisture

Have you noticed moisture collecting in certain areas around the house? The moisture can come in from the outside (especially during humid times of the year) and around your bathroom. If you have, you should invest in a de-humidifier, but you should also bring in a professional to look for mold spores.

If there are areas around the house, such as walls, vents and other locations not near windows or your bathroom that develop moisture, there may be a leaking pipe in need of fixing. You may have mold even if you can’t see it, in which case killing off and removing the mold spores becomes essential to safeguarding your home and everyone living inside of it (including pets).

  1. Recent Flooding

If your home recently experienced flooding there is a good change you have mold developing. Therefore, if your home experiences any kind of water damage or flooding, you need to contact a professional restoration service provider to inspect your home and look for any possible signs of moisture.

By bringing in a professional right away you can avoid the development of mold later down the road. Taking care of it all at once helps improve your quality of life while also reducing the cost of any potential property repairs and mold removal services from your Santa Rosa home.

If you believe you have mold inside your home, it is important to bring in a professional service provider right away. This reduces the chance of mold spreading and cuts the potential health impact as well. So, whether you have identified mold or are simply concerned, call Bravo Restoration & Construction at 707-837-0675.