The Importance of Timing in Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration santa rosaWater damage can happen quickly when water enters your house or business premises. When water damage occurs in your Santa Rosa home, it is vital to get it cleaned up fast before secondary problems start to arise. The longer the water sits unattended, the worse the distraction will be. But, with timely intervention, you can minimize or prevent the damage. It is critical to contact experts who can carry out water damage restoration services quickly and effectively. Below are several reasons why timing is important, when it comes to water damage restoration.

1. Prevent the Spread of Water

The first reason water damage in your home needs a quick response is to prevent the spread of water. Water spreads easily and quickly through walls, floorboards, and surrounding materials. When you allow it to sit, it starts to saturate everything around it. When materials like wood and drywall absorb water, they will begin to swell. If that water is not extracted and dried right away, it will cause severe structural damage to your home.

2. To Prevent Mold Growth

Mold grows fast in wet or damp spaces. Even when you remove standing water, spaces that remain wet for a long time will create dangerous breeding ground contaminants such as mold and mildew. You may not instantly see mold growth under carpets or within your flooring. Hiring specialists to handle the water damage is important to remove water from every surface of your home and prevent the growth of mold.

3. Protecting Valuables

Water leaks, burst pipes, and floods produce water that can damage all your items. Although some sensitive items and furnishings are always more vulnerable to instant damage by water, quick restoration by experts can limit major damage. Extracting water and drying are important aspects of protecting your valuables.

4. Prevent Structural Damage

Floors, woods, ceilings, and drywall in your property can be destroyed after being exposed to excessive amounts of water. After the process of extracting standing water, structural materials should be completely dry. This helps prevent permanent structural damage and expensive repairs.

5. Health and Safety

There are a lot of health problems linked to flooding and water damage. When contaminated water floods your business or your home, it exposes people to dangerous health risks. Sanitizing is a critical aspect of water damage restoration. All water should be extracted effectively along with a proper drying process to avoid the growth of contaminants that lead to health issues of individuals.

Water Damage Restoration in Santa Rosa

After experiencing water damage, you want your life and your home to return to normal as fast as possible. When it comes to water damage restoration in Santa Rosa, Bravo Restoration & Construction understands how vital it is to remove water quickly. Our skilled crew is always available 24/7 and will respond and take action promptly to limit the damage and dry your home. Get in touch with the water damage restoration experts at BRC today and talk to our professional team any time of day or night.