Tips to Protect Your Vacation Home from Mold with Removal Services in Santa Rosa

Caring for a vacation home is not the same as caring for a home you live in all-year long. Your vacation home sits through the hot and humid days of summer and lets humidity creep in. It is only when you go back next year and open the door that you might discover your home is infested with mold and pests.

If you want to keep your home mold free, you need to know more about moisture control and mold removal services in Santa Rosa. Where there is no moisture, there is no mold. To safeguard yourself from waging war on mold, it is important that you understand there are two fronts that you need to take into consideration while winterizing your vacation home – the outside and the inside. Our Bravo Restoration & Construction team offer this guide to help you.

  • Outdoor Housekeeping

Keep the gutters clean – Ensure that the gutters and downspouts that carry water away from the house are clear. Also, make sure that the gutters and downspouts have proper extensions to carry water away from the property. You may also call in an experienced mold removal service in Santa Rosa to check your outdoor pipes for mold.

Conduct repair work – Before locking up your house, be sure to check and repair cracked roof shingles, loose door frames, broken sun decks, etc., as these spots make a great home for mildew.

  • Indoor Housekeeping

Set thermostat at the right temperature – If you know that no one will be visiting or occupying your vacation home through the summer, be sure to set the thermostat at about 78-80 degrees. Remember, that your AC will not dehumidify effectively when set very high. If you set the thermostat too low, you will be creating cold surfaces for moisture to collect.

Inspect Your Vacation Home

Before you leave your vacation home, look out for standing water in and around your toilets, refrigerators, water tanks, washers and anywhere else where water has been used.

Toilets: Water leakage in toilets is usually due to faulty supply lines or broken fill-valve assemblies. Backed up and overflowing toilets are a great breeding spot for mold. Ensure that you turn off the water at the supply valve if you have a bowl that is overflowing. If you find mold has begun to rear its ugly head, call in a reputable mold removal service in Santa Rosa immediately.

Washing Machines: A burst water supply line is generally the culprit behind most water damage incidents. Leave a gap of 4 inches between the back of the washer and the wall the machine is propped against, to prevent the machine from ‘kicking’ the hose at the valve connection, which can result in a leak.

Water Heaters: If you have a water heater at your vacation home, make sure that you remove sediments and deposits by flushing the tank every 6 months. The average lifespan of this heating device is about 5 years, and flushing out sediment will keep it from leaking or bursting before the end of its time.

If you discover fluffy patches that you suspect is mold, you can fall back upon professionals from a mold removal service in Santa Rosa. Contact Bravo Restoration & Construction – a leading water damage restoration and mold removal service provider in Sonoma County, Marin County, and Napa County.