Understanding the Fire Damage Restoration Process in Santa Rosa

When hiring a company for fire damage restoration in Santa Rosa, it is important to understand the overall process of fire restoration. As we know at Bravo Restoration & Construction, a fire can cause severe damage to a home or business and in addition to the fire itself, there is associated smoke and water damage.

The damage restoration process typically follows these seven steps

  1. Reviewing the Scope of The Damage: The amount of damage a fire can cause is vast and not always visible at first glance. The first step in the recovery process is surveying the damage in terms of fire, soot, smoke, and water damage. The water used to put out a fire can cause additional damage in the process.
  2. Assessment of Property: In many cases, a fire does not lead to total destruction and some damaged property can be restored and other property may not be damaged at all depending on the scope of the fire. Undamaged and restorable items are stored off-site and items beyond recovery are discarded.
  3. Protection: Fire can damage windows, doors, and the roof making the interior of the building vulnerable. At this stage in the recovery process, boarding and roof tarps are employed to protect the property.
  4. Removal of Moisture: The next step is to remove the leftover moisture from the fire being extinguished. After moisture is removed the property is furthered dried to prevent further damage.
  5. Removal of Residue Caused by Smoke and Soot: After drying soot and smoke damage is removed, the property cleaned, and equipment such as ozone generators, and hydroxyl generators are used to remove lingering odors.
  6. Clean Up: The next step is general cleanup to remove any debris, dust, and remaining residue caused by smoke and soot from surfaces and property. Sanitization will also be performed as needed.
  7. Restoration: Finally, the building will be restored back to its condition prior to the fire including property contained within. Such repairs can include painting, new carpeting, structural repairs, and in extreme case a complete reconstruction of the entire property.

Getting Fire Restoration Company in Santa Rosa

When looking fire damage restoration in Santa Rosa services you need to hire the best company possible. Fire restoration is an involved process and expert help is absolutely critical. Bravo Restoration & Construction has been helping residents of Northern California with expert services for many years. Contact them today to learn more.