Water Damage Cleanup: Why Time is of the Essence

water damage cleanup san rafael, water damage restoration san rafael, water damage repair san rafaelTime. It’s an interesting thing. We all abide by its laws. Sometimes we wish it would go faster, sometimes we wish it would go slower but in the end we can’t stop it. Time is always going. With time, things can be destroyed and with time things can be repaired or grow into something amazing. Time is always of the essence especially when it comes to water damage cleanup in your home.

Water Damage Cleanup In San Rafael 

No matter the water damage at hand, the longer the water damage is left without being attended to, the more damage it will cause and the harder the clean up is going to be. A lot of times water damage can go days, weeks, or even months without being seen. For example, a pipe under the house could be leaking causing damage you wouldn’t see straight away, or perhaps water condensing in your bathroom or around an air conditioner slowly causes issues over time that you don’t notice straight away. Whatever the case, a major flood from a heavy rainstorm or broken appliance or a small issue that leads into something bigger over time, the faster you find, acknowledge and take care of the issue, the better off you and your house will be.

Problems With Waiting To Clean Up Water Damage 

  • Health Concerns: As water sits for a lengthy amount of time, mold and mildew are able to flourish right inside your home. Particularly in the humid weather of San Rafael, water can condense around air conditioners or other places in your home and allow a perfect growing space for mold. Not only will the mold and mildew begin to smell but for those who are exposed to it regularly, it can result in respiratory issues long term. 
  • Structural Issues: Water can do serious damage to the structure of your home, especially over time. Mold can grow but it doesn’t end there. Water can rust metal and warp wood. Your foundation can crack and drywall can soften and grow weak. All of these things decrease the value of your home and create a safety hazard for you and your family.
  • Financial Burden: This is pretty straight forward. The more time that goes by, the more damage there will be, resulting in a greater price to get it cleaned up and restored to normal. In severe cases, you and your family may even have to evacuate your home for a few days while the water damage is getting cleaned up which is another thing to take into consideration.

BRC is Available 24/7!

The good thing to note after reading all of this is that there is a way to get water damage cleaned up and have your home restored to its proper condition. As soon as you notice water damage in your home, call a professional water damage cleanup team such as Bravo Restoration and Construction and they will be there to help. In order to minimize the destruction caused by water damage most teams will have a 24/7 calling service so you can call straight away.