Water Damage Restoration – Is DIY’ing The Right Move?

water damage restoration santa rosa, water damage cleanup santa rosa, water damage santa rosaIn a world with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media networks, you can find DIY (do it yourself) projects on just about anything and everything. From making your own planter box to renovating your home, there’s a DIY video on it. Some DIY projects can be fun and exciting! However, some DIYs might not be the best option and water damage cleanup is one of those. Yes, it might be cheaper at first, but if water damage is not handled correctly future damage can occur and cost even more money. It’s better and safer for you and your home to have a professional clean up the water damage. Here are the dangers of DIY water damage restoration. 

  1. DIY Bloggers 
    1. Those writing the DIY blogs about cleaning up water damage probably aren’t professionals; thus, some information may be misleading and wrong. Think of the analogy “it’s like the blind leading the blind.” Though some bloggers may know a thing or two about water damage restoration, trained professionals are more reliable and knowledgeable.
  2. Detecting Further Damage 
    1. Most Do It Yourself posts about water damage don’t inform you how to look for signs of structural damage or mold. Water can seep underneath floorboards and between the walls, which can’t always be seen unless a professional is inspecting the affected area. If water is leftover in floors and walls, further structural damage like rusted pipes, damaged gas lines, and cracks anywhere can occur. These problems can cause a serious threat to the integrity of your home.
    2.  Just like some water can’t be seen mold can’t be seen all of the time. If mold goes undetected due to a DIY project, it has the potential to be hazardous and cause a variety of health issues. A professional with the right equipment and training can test for mold and structural damage to ensure no health threats are left after the water damage. 
  3. Equipment 
    1. Most water damage restoration situations involve equipment such as sump pumps, shop vacs, and moisture detection devices. The average household owner probably doesn’t have those just lying around their home. Given the dangerous nature that water can inflict on a home, specialized equipment is necessary to the restoration process of a home. Just drying and mopping won’t get rid of all water damage. Make certain that the right equipment is being used for the right problem and call professionals.

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Santa Rosa

Now, you might ask the question: “What professionals do I call for my damage?”  If you live in the Santa Rosa area, Bravo Restoration and Construction will take care of the intense problem. Bravo Restoration’s process of water damage restoration begins with stopping the intrusion of water, such as turning off the water or covering your roof.  Then the workers will begin drying your house, followed by monitoring the humidity levels. After all water and humidity are resolved, if any structural damage occurs, the professionals will repair the affected area. Anything like carpet, hardwood, or insulation will be installed to transform your home into a pre-loss condition. Avoid the dangerous, stressful situation of DIY water damage repair and call a professional!