What Causes Mold Growth?

Have you noticed that your wall has mold on it? If the answer is yes, keep calm as it is quite easy to get rid of them. However, the quality of your wall and the materials used for building the same determine how easy it would be for you to remove the mold.

Mold on Non-Porous Walls

In case of non-porous walls, all you need to do is a simple wipe with a wet cloth for removing the mold. There are also multiple mold killing products available in the market that you can use. But if you think that the task does not suit your interest, you are always free to call a company that offers mold remediation in Santa Rosa like Bravo Restoration. They generally charge an affordable price and quality service.

Mold on Porous Walls

Things can be a bit different if your wall is porous. An unpainted drywall won’t allow you to remove the mold through a straight forward procedure. Cropping away the affected portion of the wall is your only remedy for mold removal. Why is the process so difficult for porous walls? Well, porous materials promote the growth of mold inside themselves, unlike the non-porous walls where the mold emerges and spreads on the surface of the wall. Since this is not the case with porous walls, it restricts you from complete removal of the mold without destroying the affected area.

What Causes Mold on Drywalls?

You probably know that drywall has high amount of cellulose content. Nothing provides as much favorable condition for mold to grow as cellulose-rich materials do. Once fully affected, there is hardly any practical way to completely remove mold from a drywall, other than removing the portions of areas affected by mold.

What Causes the Mold to Grow Behind the Walls?

Mold generally grows inside the wall cavities, which is often out of sight. What facilitates the growth of mold is the availability of massive pockets containing moist and humid air. If your walls are covered with wallpaper, chances are high that the mold would grow behind it. Why is it so? Well, the wallpaper’s glue has the ability to hold organic debris. Debris tends to be the perfect food source for mold, and it promotes mold growth. High humidity caused due to water leakage and condensation is the main cause of mold growth. Condensation is the process when the water content present in the air in the form of vapor meets any cold surface and turns into liquid. That is the perfect platform for mold growth. Thankfully, most of the times, you can get rid of mold easily. If you’re looking for an experienced mold removal company, we recommend calling Bravo Restoration & Construction. To know more, call them at 707-837-0675.