Your Local Restoration Experts

Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:

You didn’t ask for this emergency
and now you need someone to quickly and safely
help you return your life to NORMAL.

Serving Northern California

We’re dedicated to giving the best restoration service in Northern California, throughout Sonoma County and Marin County.

Bravo Is Not a Franchise

Bravo Construction and Restoration is a fully licensed, insurance friendly, family owned company operating with a team of local restoration experts. We have your best interests at heart.

Our concern is serving our neighbors in Northern California communities.

Our reputation in the community is built on helping people in any way we can; that’s why we personally handle all phases of your loss and repairs.


Insurance adjusters are not the enemy. Our caution to you is to beware of unqualified contractors that pose as restoration experts. Insurance companies have very specific guidelines and protocols that they legally must follow.  Our experience is that most adjusters are committed to service and want to help you as quickly as possible. We assist their efforts to avoid needless delays and requests for additional information.

We help you work with your insurance company — no extra charge!