Your Recovery Begins With Fire Damage Restoration

In the event of a fire in your home, what’s most important is everyone making it out of the house. With everyone safe, the first step towards restoring your home is to look for fire damage restoration service in Santa Rosa. With the help of Bravo Restoration & Construction, you’ll have all of this taken care of. All you need to do is just pick up the phone and call our team.

Here is a guide to help you with your fire restoration needs.

Time is Most Important

Whenever it comes to fire restoration, time is critical. If you don’t do anything about the fire or you drag your feet, the damage will expand to other areas of the house. This is because the problem isn’t just with the smoke and fire damage but with the subsequent water damage as well. So, if you have had any kind of fire put out in your home, you need to bring in the professionals as soon as you can.

What Happens During Fire Restoration?

  1. When you call regarding your fire restoration needs, the service provider is going to send out a team to your home. They first will inspect your home in order to identify what needs to be corrected, what needs to be thrown away and how to go about correcting the problem to not only restore the home but to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


  1. The second step is to secure the site. Your home will be secured to make sure nothing from the outside is able to access it. This way, you don’t have outside elements causing additional damage to the interior of your home. It is important to have professionals perform this task as they are going to need protective clothing during this process.


  1. From there, the removal of flame retardant items is done. These items are used by the fire department when the fire is put out. After all of this is said and done the actual removal and cleaning process can begin.

Our Team Can Help

Nobody wants to go through a fire in their home. However, if you’re one of the many of homeowners who are forced to deal with this situation, the first step is always the most important one. By contacting the right fire damage restoration service in Santa Rosa, you’ll have your home restored back to its pre-fire condition.

The professionals at Bravo Restoration are here to help and guide you through this difficult process. For fire damage restoration service in Santa Rosa, please call 707-837-0675.